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General data (*) 

Conversions, Unit of measure, Specific weights, Water Density Calculator, Greek alphabet, Dictionary technical terms, Various tables

Air conditioning (*)

Psychrometry, Psychrometric chart, Air ducts, Ventilation, Characteristic values chillers, Summer cooling load, split, Humidification, Environmental heat load provided by transformers, Conditioning tables, Table for psychrometer, Heat Index, Air filters and rules, Global temperatures, Summer air conditioning system, Heat Calculation appliances

Heating (*) 

Pipes - Expansion vessels - Heat requirement - radiators - Heating fuel cost - Pump

Electricity  - Electronics (*)

Electric motor calculation - Resistors colour code - Choice of electric cables - Ohm's law calculator - Resistor calculation 4, 5, 6 band - Power consumption - Cable sizing calculator - Power factor - Electric motors speed - Poles - Low insulation

Refrigeration (*) 

Refrigerant gas -  Diagrams for electrical parts - compressors - Refrigerant pressure-temperature ratio

Metallurgy (*) 

Iron sections - Steel pipes - Iron solid bars - Iron beams - Irons for reinforced concrete - Piping various - Payload beams - Processed for weight calculation

Cad Blocks (*) 

Cad blocks - conditioning - Cad blocks - electrical

Construction workers (*)

Work time schedule

Various utilities (*)

Editable calendar - Concentration test - Technical preparation test - Microsoft Excel shortcut keys