Calculating heating fuel cost

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How to calculate how much it costs to heat an environment.

The first step to take is obviously to calculate how much heat you need and insert it in the appropriate box (the one below the unit of measurement used to be clear).

By means of the Heat requirement - radiators software it is possible to easily calculate the amount of heat to be supplied to heat the environments concerned.

Once this is done, the result is shown in the box above.

We take into account that the calculations have been made in kW and the result is 25 kW.

We insert 25 in the box below the kW and observe the results:

the cheapest fuel, as we can see, is the wood with storage in a dry place for more than two years, which offers an hourly operating cost of € 0.9 (with a euro it is possible to produce about 27.7 kW);

The most expensive fuel (so to speak), is the electric heater with an operating cost of € 5.00 (with 1 € you get 5 kW)

To notice the bad performance of both diesel and LPG.