Air conditioning 

Psychrometric calculator (*)

Developed for effecting psychrometric calculations. Processed that allows to go back to all the values of the humid air starting from temperature and relative humidity. The temperature can be indicated in degrees Celsius (° C) or Fahrenheit (° F)

Psychrometric chart (*)

Within this section, the psychrometric diagrams of humid air are present, exclusively for teaching purposes.

Calculation of the autonomous air conditioner (*)

Easy software to calculate the power of an independent air conditioner to be installed in an environment (also with heat pump). The thermal power can be calculated in kWt, BTU, kcal / h, kJ and ton. Automatically indicates the hourly electric consumption in kW.

Air ducts (*)

Calculation of weight and surface, dimensioning, check of air flow rates, pressure drops, standard thicknesses, curves, section ratios, capacity and speed, characteristic colors.

Ventilation (*)

Calculation of heat for ventilation, preheating, cooling with air only, power consumption, flow rate, pressure and speed, losses, pulleys and belts.

Characteristic values of three-phase refrigeration compressors (*)

Elaborated which calculates the characteristic values of refrigeration units, compressors, heat pumps, according to the power absorbed. By entering the absorption of the machine, it indicates that it is able to produce in terms of potential to the different values of coefficient of performance. And 'possible to insert the performance factor directly (EER). Makes the results in thermal kW, kCal / h, BTU, MJ and Ton. From the result even in Horses (CV) and indicates the required current (amps) to the various voltages and with different values of cos Ø.

Summer cooling load - split system and fan coil (*)

Elaborate that allows to establish very quickly the summer thermal load (kW - kCal / h - BTU - kJ - Ton) and the potentialities necessary for autonomous systems, air conditioners, split, fan coils (fan convectors) and ducted systems

Humidification - calculation (*)

Elaborate that allows to quickly calculate the amount of steam required in kg / h for humidifying an environment. It also provides the values of the power required in kW for vaporization.

Heat load - transformers (*)

Processed to calculate the heat supplied in the environment by the transformers

Heat Calculation appliances (*)

Easy processed for the fast calculation of the heat produced by equipment and appliances divided into individual environments

Air quality (*)

To always keep on hand the types of air filters with Characteristics and their classification and regulatory rules of international air filtration systems (UNI EN ISO etc.).

Summer air conditioning system (*)

Fast calculation for the sizing of a centralized to summer air conditioning system with a single battery for cooling and heating and heating coil post (electric or hot water). Inserting little data, the elaborate shall carry out automatically calculating salient components of the system. Calculate the total air flow rate and in each environment, the potential of the heat pump refrigerating unit, the electric pumps, the buffer tank and the post-heating battery (electric or hot water) and the winter humidifier dimension. Although this paper provides a good aid for a final check of any project carried out with other systems, it can also be used as the preferred system. in the final, it is processed a summary drawing. 

Global temperatures (*)

Elaborated containing the indication of average temperatures, altitudes, longitudes and latitudes, wet bulb temperature, dry and absolute humidity, and international destinations (mainly airport areas)

Normal use tables for air conditioning (*)

Temperature project, kind people and appliances, air changes, city data, saturation, steam production, efficiency classes, shortcut air diffusers. Air ducts - flow, dimension, velocity

Schemes & drawings - conditioning (*)

Schemes and drawings of normal use related to air conditioning