General data 

Conversions (*)

Simultaneous conversion of all values. Indicating a quantity immediately gives the value of all the others. Enter the known value in the corresponding cell and press enter. Press reset for a new calculation

Unit of measure (*) 

Primary, fundamental and additional unit units, derived quantities and multiples and sub-multiplexes

Specific weights - Specific gravity (*) 

Specific material weights: metals and alloys, wood and wood, liquids and solutions, various materials, pile substances, vapor gases. Quick search by name

Water Density Calculator (*) 

Simple application for quick calculation of the mass and volume of water at various temperatures.

Greek alphabet (*) 

Letters of the Greek alphabet 

Dictionary technical terms (*) 

Dictionary English Italian and Italian English technical terms

Various tables (*) 

Tables for easy reference - Temperature and latent heat of fusion, chemical elements, PC keyboard symbols, energy labeling, substance specific heat, wind speed in Beaufort degrees