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General data


Power conversion calculator

Pressure conversion calculator

Temperature conversion calculator

Speed conversion calculator

Flow rate conversion calculator

Surface conversion

Distance - length conversions

Volume conversions - capacity

Weight conversions

Unit of measure

Unit of measurement independent additional fundamentals

Derivatives units

Multiples submultiples

Multiples submultiples - calculator

Specific weights

Specific weight metal

Specific gravity wood

Specific gravity liquids solutions

Specific weight materials

Specific weight substances pile

Specific gravity gases vapors

Specific weights - Quick search by name


Water Density Calculator

Greek alphabet

Italian English technical terms

Various tables

Latent heat of fusion

Chemical elements - Names and dates

Keyboard symbols

Specific heat substances

Wind speed in Beaufort degrees

Conversion table inches millimeters

Fractions of inches

Connectors PC



Pipes sizing calculator - millimeters

Pipes sizing calculation - Steel

Pipes sizing calculator - copper

Steel pipes (ND) - weight and surface calculation

Steel pipes in millimeters - surface weight calculation

Pipes properties

Sizing of steel pipes networks

Sizing of copper pipes networks


Expansion vessels sizing calculator

Heat requirement - radiators

Calculating heating fuel cost


Pump sizing calculator

Sizing anticondensate pumps

Pumps power calculation


Refrigerant gas

Regolo refrigerant gas

Refrigerant pressure-temperature ratio

Diagrams for electrical parts - compressors


Elettric motor calculation - Power and current

Resistor Color

Choice of electric cables

Ohm's law - calculator

Power consumption - calculator

Cable sizing calculator

Power factor

Electric motors speed - Poles

Star delta connection

Type of switches

Low insulation

Resistances calculation

Resistor color code calculator 4 bands

Resistor color code calculator 5 bands

Resistor color code calculator 6 bands

Air conditioning

Psychrometric calculator

Psychrometric diagrams

Psychrometric charts Carrier

Mollier diagram

Air ducts

Rectangular ducts - weight surface calculator

Circular ducts - weight surface calculator

Air ducts sizing - speed reduction

Air ducts sizing - constant load loss

Check air flow rectangular ducts

Check air flow circular ducts

Pressure losses in flexible ducts

Thicknesses ducts sheet metal

Curves calculation - ducts

Relationship: flow rate, section, air speed

Air ducts sizing fast calculator


Heat Ventilation - calculator

Air preheating

Cool with outside air

Fan power consumption

Electric fans - Relationship

Calculation of the loss of the fan pressure

Pulleys diameter calculation

Trapezoidal transmission belts


Characteristic values of three-phase refrigeration compressors

Summer cooling load - split system and fan coil

Humidification - calculation

Heat load - transformers

Conditioning tables

Heat produced by people

Heat produced appliances

Outdoor air for person

Air changes per hour

Air saturation pressures

Typical values of water vapor production

Air diffusers - grilles and anemostats

Table for psychrometer

Heat Index

Air quality

Air filters and rules


Global temperatures

Summer air conditioning system

Heat Calculation appliances

Air ducts - flow, dimension, velocity

Conditioning schemes and drawings

Functional diagram air treatment unit


Iron sections

Steel pipes

Iron solid bars

Iron beams

Irons reinforced concrete

Various pipes

Payload beams

Iron sections - weight calculation

Cad Blocks

Cad blocks - Conditioning

Cad blocks - Electrical

Public Works

Work time schedule

Work time schedule - consecutive days

Work time schedule - Weekly

Various utilities

Editable calendar

Technical preparation test

Concentration test