Electricity - Electronics

Cable sizing calculator

Allows sizing but not only, for electric cables starting from the interpolation of any parameter (P - I - V - R - cos Ø, voltage drop, cable length and conductor size). The result is immediate.

Electric motor calculation - Power and current

Calculation, power, electric motors - consumption in Watt - consumption in Ampere.

Electrical resistors calculation with color code

Elaborated that allows, through the color code of resistance, to calculate their value. Simply enter the colors. Valid for resistors 4, 5 and 6 bands. Just type the colors to get the final values.

Ohm's law - calculator

Knowing only two data can be traced back to all the others concerned by the Ohm's law (voltage, current intensity, resistance, and power). AC and AC three-phase results are also reported. Moreover, cos φ cratteristic values are indicated

Equipment electrical consumption - calculation

Elaborated that performs the calculation (monthly to yearly) accurate power consumption of each device (mainly for places of public use such bars, restaurants, etc.).

Motor protection and fuses

Motor protection and fuses to be applied to three-phase electric motors

Resistor Color

Resistor Color

Choice of electric cables

Just enter the voltage and phase shift (cos Ø) and you're done. For each cable you know how many kW can be transported (the formula used to long cables few dozen meters).

Normal use tables for elettrical

Tables of easy consultation inherent in electricity 

Schemes & electrical drawings

Schemes and drawings of normal use related to electrical systems