FAQ: Frequently asked questions

Really all that is present in the site you can download for free?

It is: absolutely.

The administrator's policy is to disclose the technical aid which is free.

How can I save the elaborate on my PC for offline use?

Open the site with Google Chrome (expressly recommended).

From the Homepage follow all the steps until you find the page that interests you.

Select the desired file.

Click on the chosen file to open it in the browser.

Place the cursor inside the newly opened file.

Press the right mouse button and click on "Save As".

In a previously created folder with the same name (file) it will forward the file you just downloaded.

Inside the created folder you will find a file and another folder.

Select the file with the html extension.

Click with the right mouse button and type "Open with" to open it with Google Chrome (preferable) and start using the elaborate offline.

good job

How can I save the report on my Smatphone for offline use?

From the smartphone get through the various steps to the required processing.

Open the document.

For Android

select the three points located at the top right and press: "Add to home screen".

For Iphone

press directly: "Add to home screen".

Place the icon where you want.


Can I save a copy of the program in Microsoft Excel format?

To save a copy of the program in Excel you need to register following the instructions given.